About Us

Lifeset was started originally so that we could sell the domain to an addiction treatment facility. We felt that there are too many drug treatment centers with long confusing names and none of them are memorable. We felt that the branding in the addiction treatment field left a lot to be desired. If you look at the name Lifeset it is only seven letters. It is short. It is memorable and it can relate to someone who is potentially re-setting their life after their bout with addiction.

Our background is in addiction treatment marketing. We help drug rehab centers find patients. We also help addicts find the right drug rehabs. We feel that the best results are going to happen if there is a good “fit” between rehab and addict vs. someone being “convinced” that they have to fly off to Malibu California and check into the latest greatest inpatient facility.

Jim Peake is CEO and President of Lifeset. He has 30+ years of professional direct response marketing experience and has been in the addiction treatment field since 2007. Having a lot of experience in the addiction treatment space Jim has seen too many “referral websites” selling their wares anonymously. Jim believes in transparency. We will do our absolute best to help you or your loved one find the right facility. If our admissions team is unable to help you find a rehab we will personally try and assist you. Just remember it is much harder to find treatment if you don’t have the financial ability to pay or have PPO Insurance.