Repairing the Mind, Body and Spirit with Holistic Addiction Detox

If your drug and alcohol use has spiraled out of control, you may finally be ready to ask for help.

You may be skeptical that rehab for addiction is what you really need. You may see your substance abuse as a symptom of your troubles more than a cause. You may be worried that simply treating your addiction and doing nothing else will leave the real origin of your problems unresolved.

Fortunately, treatment for addiction is not as shallow or partial as you think. Addiction specialists know there is a lot more to substance abuse than just the drugs and alcohol. They realize addiction is a complex condition, and they are prepared to offer you in-depth, evidence-based treatment services that are personalized and appropriate for your life circumstances.

While it is not the only choice, holistic addiction detox is often recommend for those looking to support their bid for lasting sobriety with a more comprehensive type of treatment program.

Why Go Holistic?

Your substance abuse may be motivated by deep personal despair, which has taken over your life and left you defenseless against drugs and alcohol. If this is the case, your attempt to change will not be successful unless you can find a way to address the root cause of your dysfunctional behavior.

To reach your ultimate goal, you will need a thorough and complete cleansing of your body, mind and spirit. You will need a treatment plan that targets not just your addiction but the deep emotional pain that supports and encourages it. Your plan should treat the whole person instead of the illness alone, and, as its name suggests, holistic addiction detox is designed to do just that.

How Does it Work?

Holistic addiction detox starts with the assumption that the best cure for sickness is health, and lots of it. As much of it as you can handle, in fact.

During the initial detox stage, your withdrawal from drugs and alcohol will be carefully monitored, as is standard in traditional medical detox. But you will also have a chance to experience the healing benefits of dry sauna therapy, which relieves stress, stimulates blood circulation and provokes a sweat response that helps remove toxic contaminants from the body. Nutritional IV therapy will be administered to counteract the long-term effects of the poisonous substances that are being flushed out of your system, speeding up your physical transition to a healthier state of being.

After detox is complete the next step is individual and group counseling but, in a holistic program, that is only the beginning. You will also be exposed to a number of alternative mind-body healing practices which, depending on the treatment facility you select, could include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Auricular Acupuncture (acupuncture of the ear)
  • Massage therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Eco-walks
  • Journaling
  • Exercise classes

Naturopathic medicines may also be provided, if you are interested in taking them. Some form of spiritual counseling will likely be added to your treatment regimen as well, as a supplement to more conventional forms of talk therapy.

Holistic rehab will leave no aspect of your life untouched, based as it is on the assumption that your addiction is a side effect of a deep and profound personal crisis.

How Can Holistic Addiction Detox Change Your Life?

During your time in holistic addiction treatment you will come to see good health as a lifestyle choice. The healing methodologies you are introduced to will heighten your energy level, shift your mindset from pessimistic to optimistic, increase your self-confidence by teaching you skills of self-reliance, introduce you to a transformational style of thinking, boost your self-esteem and sense of worth and give you the ability to take full charge of your own recovery from addiction.

None of this will come easy. All of these practices will challenge you and will require a commitment that is deep enough to overcome the continuing lure of drugs and alcohol. You relied on chemical alternatives to actual healing for a very long time, to the point where doing so became a compulsion, and that is not a habit that will disappear overnight.

Taking Back Your Destiny

Beyond its capacity to help you overcome substance abuse, holistic addiction treatment is a powerful – and empowering – antidote to a lifetime of sickness and unhappiness. By replacing your self-destructive activities with sustainable wellness practices you can regain control of your life and your destiny and, if that is the kind of personal transformation you seek, holistic addiction detox might be the perfect choice for you.

Holistic methods are used in most treatment facilities, although some have more comprehensive programs than others. If you agree with the holistic philosophy of healing and are convinced it is the best approach for you, we can put you in contact with treatment centers that offer outstanding packages of holistic services.